My Viper Remote Start Blue Light is Solid

Viper Logo illuminated

May 21, 2020

My Viper Remote Start Blue Light is Solid

So you just got a remote start from us at Monroe Truck and Auto Accessories.   The blue light is on solid.   The car locks and unlocks but doesn't remote start.   There is a good chance the car is in what is called "Garage Mode" or "Valet Mode".   Normally people push the button on the antenna and mess up all the programming.   With the new bluetooth technology that has been coming out we are finding that many people want to play with the button.  We do not recommend that you play with the buttons or push it at random, it will mess with the programming of your remote start.   


How do I fix it?   That's a great question.  You can bring your car to us for repair or reprogramming.  Or try an at home remedy first.   If all the above symptoms sound right with your car still lock and unlock on the viper remote works and doesn't start, press the LOCK and AUX button at the same time.   The parking lights will flash as series of lights (9 times) to indicate that the car just entered or exited "Garage Mode".  

Hope this information helps!