LUVERNE - LUVERNE 249922 6 Inch Nerf Bars (Oval Tubular Polished Stainless Steel) - 1 Pair - 249922

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No other step combines bold surface area with a finished styling quite like LUVERNE 6" oval tubular nerf bars. These 6" x 3" ovals feature unique 30-degree bends in the front and rear and come with seamlessly welded end caps for a superior finished look. They also feature extra-large, non-skid step pads, and with two finish options, these 6" oval steps allow you to enjoy deluxe footing that's customized to your vehicle. Many different nerf bars and running boards attempt to achieve the seamless, finished look, but LUVERNE 6" ovals offer something unique. They begin with a 6" x 3" oval tube that adds a bold accent to the sides of your truck. Instead of having plastic end caps, they feature welded end caps that are rounded for a clean, professional look, and their seamless design also helps keep rust out. LUVERNE 6" ovals take things one step further with 30-degree bent ends on both sides of the tube. These bends contour to the body of your vehicle and provide a unique look that is typically only found in smaller nerf bars and steps. To ensure solid, safe entry into your cab, 6" ovals are equipped with extra-large step pads. They feature an area of 24" x 6" to provide maximum comfort, and they have a non-skid surface to provide maximum safety as well. The step pads are molded from durable black plastic to easily outlast wear and tear. LUVERNE 6" oval nerf bars are available in two finish options to allow you to choose the look that best suits your truck. The high-polish stainless steel offers a bright, long-lasting shine, and the durable E-coat and black powder-coated steel offers maximum strength. No matter which finish you choose, all 6" ovals are made for easy, vehicle-specific installation. They attach to high-strength cradle-mount brackets and require only two hex bolts per bracket. The brackets mount directly to your vehicle with no drilling required, and they feature a durable black powder coat finish for long-lasting protection against rust.

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