Turf Dogg yard guard grass saver snow plow attachment

SKU: UTV 6-6 V-Plow

Prevent your and other yards from being torn up by a snow plow cutting edge.  Turf Dogg is a snow plow attachment that helps to alleviate the pile of mess when the snow finally melts in the spring.  This snow plow attachment is a tube that wraps around the cutting edge and uses the same bolts on your existing cutting edge without the washers.  This attachment allows a smooth, less aggressive, snow plow pushing.  These are designed for and compatible with BOSS and SNOW DOGG Snow Plow.


This is very similar to the BOSS Turf Defender, we have instock and ready to go!

 This works to save your gravel from being piled up, ruining your grass, saving your grass, gravel and dirt driveway.   It really is a grass saver, and a gravel saver.


7.6 Straight dimensions: 46x7x2 33# shipping

50x6x6 59#