White 9005 Spectras Xenon bulbs rated 5000K projecting 950 lm

SKU: ds_BDQF_93416

EVO Formance Spectras Xenon 9005 Ultra-White Halogen Headlight Bulbs are the whitest performance oriented halogen bulb on the market rated at 5000K while projecting 950 Lumens. They will outperform the brightness levels of factory headlight bulbs. A mixture of pressurized xenon, halogen, and argon gasses combined with a high quality filament allows for only 75 watts of power while emitting upwards of 90/100 watts of light. In addition to emitting more light, they maintain safe heat levels which give them a long bulb life. Spectras Xenon's are rated at 800 hours bulb life which is comparable to standard factory headlights, and is much greater than similar high brightness and high whiteness aftermarket bulbs. Their long life, low heat, increased tone and high quality filament will outperform factory headlight bulbs. Spectras Xenon's operate at 12 volts and will not damage or melt any of the vehicles existing electrical components. The Spectras Xenon's are application specific. For off road and decorative use only. Check state and local laws. Don't Change" Evolve