BOSS Drag Pro - Replacement wiring plug vehicle and plow side


This is an aftermarket replacement for the BOSS DRAG PRO and BOSS DRAG PRO 180Z wiring pig tail.  Included is both vehicle and snow plow end plugs.  These are the 6 pin plugs that have either 3 or 4 wires for your boss back blade.

Wire them color for color White, Red, Blue and Orange wires.  One foot of each end is included.


This replaces the ends for wire harness MSC24580 and MSC20097 and MSC20096

MSC24580 is the 180Z Plow end 

MSC20096 is the regular drag pro plow end

MSC20097 is the truck end.   

What you will receive is the 1 foot long replacement pig tail repair ends that is compatible with the above part numbers.