Lighted LED Fluorescent Orange Two Hole Mount Blade Guides


Stand out from your competition with our Lighted LED Blade Guides. They make it easier to see your snow plow, truck bumper or trailer in low visibility settings and it also just looks cool! Whether you are faced with operating in the dead of night or in near whiteout conditions, our lighted LED blade guides will help light your way with its 360° illumination. 

Our Lighted LED Blade Guides are made from high quality fluorescent Orange 3/4" nylon tubing. They come standard with a two hole bolt-on mount with hardware, no need for any additional adapters for mounting. Includes a 12 Foot wiring harness per side. Installation is easy with minimal basic tools for wiring and routing of wires.  Available in lengths of 28 inch, 36 inch & 48 inch. 

* Patent Pending