Cargo Trailer 7x14 UTV tall hauler with ramp door designed for UTVs - White - 2024 Haulin Model


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This trailer has metal sides with .030 screwless exterior aluminum and is white in color. It has a flat top with no rooftop vent to avoid issues. The black plastic side flow through vents provide ventilation. The front has a 24" slanted stoneguard and the doors have aluminum hold backs. The back door is 12" higher to accommodate UTV's, while the side door has an extra 6 inches for easier access. The floor framing is 16" on center and made of 3/4" drymax wood panels, as are the walls which are also 16" on center with 3/8" drymax wood panels. The roof bows are placed at intervals of 24". Made from one piece of aluminum, the roof is sturdy and reliable. It can hold up to a weight rating of 2000 lbs on the rear ramp door, which also includes four floor tie downs with a weight rating of 5000 lbs each, as well as six wall d-rings for secure storage during travel. To provide extra support, there are rear stabilizer jacks at the back of the trailer. The side door measures at 32 inches and features both a bar lock and RV lock for dual purpose security measures. For safety while driving, it has electric brakes along with a strong A-frame tongue coupler that measures at two and five-sixteenths inches in size; it also comes equipped with a sand pad foot for added stability when parked or loading/unloading cargo onto it. Its frame is made from durable six-inch I-beams that give it structural integrity while being transported; additionally, its front-mounted side wind jack allows easy maneuverability when hitching or unhitching from your vehicle's tow hitch ball attachment point before towing this trailer anywhere you need to take it! Lastly, its Z-TECH fully undercoated chassis provides excellent protection against rusting & corrosion, while the 12" spray around perimeter of its outside exterior wall surfaces makes it look sleek and stylish. It has a two-coat primer with black top coat paint on all exposed steel surfaces, and is also equipped with LED lights for added safety when traveling at night or in low-visibility conditions.
  • Metal sides wtih .030 screwless exterior aluminum metal
  • White in color
  • Flat top trailer - no rooftop vent to prevent issues.
  • Black plastic side flow through vents
  • 24" slanted stoneguard on the front
  • aluminum door hold backs
  • 12" extra height on back door to accomidate UTV's
  • 6inch extra to side door
  • Floor framing is 16" on center
  • 3/4" drymax wood panels
  • Walls are 16" on center
  • 3/8" drymax wood palels on wall
  • Roof bows are 24" on center
  • Roof is one piece of aluminum
  • 2000 lb weight rating on rear ramp door
  • 4 floor tie dowwns with a 5000 lb weight rating on floor d-rings
  • 6 wall d-rings
  • Rear stabilizer jacks on rer of the trailer for extra support
  • 32" Side door has bar lock to keep trailer secure and RV lock for dual purpose.
  • Electric brakes
  • 2 5/16 A-frame tounge coupler
  • includes a sand pad foot.
  • 6" I-Beam frame
  • Front side wind a-frame jack
  • z-tech fully undercoated chassis with 12" spray around perimeter of outside of trailer
  • 2 coat primer with black top coat paint on all exposed steel
  • LED exterior clearance lights
  • LED dome light with wall switch
  • led strip tail lights with backup lights
  • 7-way plug with battery and breakaway switch
  • Built in 7 way plug holder
  • ST205/75R15 Radial tires