MagnaFlow Exhaust Products - Overland Series Stainless Cat-Back System - 19599

SKU: ds_FBHB_19599

The MagnaFlow Nissan Frontier Overland Series Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System #19599 is the perfect exhaust solution when it comes to turning your dependable truck into the ultimate overland-ready rig. With 2.5” main piping that closely hugs the undercarriage of your 2022-2023 Nissan Frontier and a high clearance, 2.5” single side exit, exhaust kit #19599 simultaneously improves both ground clearance and departure angles. An integrated NDT (No Drone Technology) resonator and versatile tuning of the piping and straight-through muffler ensure that this Nissan Frontier exhaust system nullifies the unwanted droning noises that can otherwise occur at freeway speeds while maintaining moderate exterior and mild interior sound levels. This balanced approach allows you to enjoy the signature, MagnaFlow-enhanced sound of your engine while helping maintain situational awareness when you’re out in the field. #19599 offers the dyno-proven performance that MagnaFlow is known for and is produced using CNC precision robotic manufacturing techniques. Exhaust system #19599’s durable, corrosion resistant construction is backed by our limited lifetime warranty.

Installation Instructions