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Snowrator MAG Vehicle

The SR MAG is fueled by a turnkey, 26.5 horsepower electronic fuel-injected engine – with electronic throttle body that senses, reacts and optimizes power to ensure that the SR MAG can perform in even the heaviest snowfalls. The electronic throttle body makes operating the SR MAG easier with smooth acceleration and deceleration. The SR MAG body is designed to direct engine-heated air toward the operator’s hands and body – while protecting parts and system components from the elements. Its chassis is crafted of stainless steel and its battery is optimized for winter weather, delivering 690 cold cranking amps, so you never have to worry about getting started. The SR MAG also features the ability to add an arsenal of new attachments, expertly crafted to handle any snow or ice-related issue including a v-plow, straight-blade, snow thrower (STX48), broom (BRX48), broadcast spreader (TGS85 and drop spreader (Exact Path). Utilizing BOSS’s proven quick attachment technology, switching from one attachment to another can be done in a matter of seconds. And with 25 degrees of upward lift capability, the SR MAG can navigate curves and bumps with ease.

-Stainless steel chassis for optimal corrosion resistance.
-690 cold cranking amps for easy winter starting.
-26.5 horsepower electronic fuel-injected engine with an electronic throttle body that senses, reacts, and optimizes power.
-4WD powers 8 mph forward and 5 mph in reverse.
-Superior dashboard design with easy-to-operate controls and easy access parking brake.
-BOSS trusted hydraulic float system allows attachments to follow the contour of the working surface.
-25-degrees of upward lift capability and 17-degrees of depression.
-Quick attach system for easy connect/disconnect of all attachment tools.
-Standard D-Force for all attachments.
-Two forward and one rear-mounted LED work lights.
-Operator comforts: Venting system directs heat to the operator’s hands, legs, and feet and an oversized cupholder.
-Built in tie-down points for easy transport.


-42v-blade with a 14 inch AR450 cutting edge, snow catcher, and curb guard designed to protect the plow and your
-Reinforced push frame, dual-acting cylinders for back-dragging performance.
-Simultaneous and independent hydraulic wing control.
-4and 5’ BOSS straight-blade
-Increase your plowing capacity by adding blade extensions or box wings.
Snow Thrower | STX48
-Dual hydraulic motors power 48auger and 18impeller.
-Hydraulically powered to throw snow 2to 35with 210 degrees of shoot rotation.
Broom | BRX48
-48broom with durable bristles is optimized for lighter weight, balance, and wear resistance for any job.
-Features forward and reverse capability to pull snow away from doorways or buildings.
-Adjustable casters for optimal bristle life.
Exact Path
-1.5 cubic foot drop spreader with a bag splitter for easy loading.
-No salt deflector is needed. The lift group design allows for direct material flow down to the working area.
-Improved installation time compared to existing Snowrator.
-Quick attach/ detach poly broadcast spreader
-Mounts to the back of the vehicle for easy filling and can accommodate up to 50 lbs. of de-icing material.
-Equipped with 1/8 horsepower motor and stainless-steel hardware.
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