CIPA USA - Alfas Max Intensity 9007 bulbs HID like lights rated 4300K projecting 1800 lm - 93449

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EVO Formance Alfas Maximum Intensity 9007 Halogen Headlight Bulbs are the best approximation to a full HID Xenon lighting system. Alfas can be installed on any vehicle without modifications, complications, or the excessive costs of an HID system. Their maximum illumination and Intense-White color is due to the quality of materials, the unique combination of gases, and a special tungsten filament that is made in Japan. Alfas emit a pure white light that is rated at 4300K. Standard headlight bulbs emit a yellow light between 2700K - 3300K. Alfas Maximum Intensity bulbs emit between 1450 lm - 2100 lm of light. Standard headlight bulbs emit between 1000 lm - 1100 lm of light. The bulbs are constructed using quartz. Quartz is more transparent than normal glass. This results in more light emission and can be subjected to higher temperatures without shattering. Alfas operate using a 12 volt power supply and consume about 85 watts of power. The Alfas" wiring harness uses heat resistant 14 gauge wires. This helps reduce any resistance between the vehicles existing socket and the Alfas bulb. They also use a unique ceramic socket that helps isolate heat so there is no risk of an Alfas bulb damaging the vehicles existing electrical installations. Simply remove your existing bulb and install the Alfas bulb. Experience plug and play brightness that will not melt or damage your vehicle's existing components. For off road and decorative use only. Check state and local laws. Don't Change" Evolve