LED Headlight Bulb 9006 Direct Replacement

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SKU: sr-21961


Revolutionary Design: Introducing the Revolutionary Tiny Monster LED headlight (TM Series)! Using our years of experience in the industry we have developed the first LED bulb the same in size as the stock bulb but capable of producing double the light output. Due to its incredibly small size and efficient thermal management, it can be install in every headlight or fog light applications.

Choice: The market is flooded with sub-par product and it’s hard to know what to buy. The looming questions, will it fit? Is it bright enough? Is the color going to be right? The TM Series answers YES to all of the above! It’s the perfect choice for headlights, fog lights, open reflector, projector, low clearance, and especially sealed back housings.

Fitment: The TM Series are the smallest, highest output bulbs of it’s kind ensuring both a perfect fit as well as superior performance. Installation is as simple as changing a stock bulb. The LED bulb can also be adjusted for perfect beam pattern with the revolutionary TopAim™ design.