XV Stainless 8.6 Fisher Snow Plow


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Standard InstaLock
Double-Acting Cylinders
InstaLock double-acting cylinders lock
the wings together to use the v-plow in
straight blade mode with single button
control. Double-acting cylinders also hold
the wings firmly in place for clean, efficient
back dragging.
Trip-Edge Design
The industry-leading FISHER® trip-edge
design protects you and your equipment.
Only the bottom edge trips, so the blade stays
upright and plowed snow stays in front of the
blade. Compression-type springs never need
to be adjusted or wear out.
Exclusive X-Bracing Design
Constructed from four vertical ribs and eight
x-bracing ribs to reinforce the blade for
structural integrity and torsional strength.
T-Frame Design
Superior T-frame design provides optimum
strength-to-weight ratio. The blade-pitch
adjustment feature allows for adjustment
of the blade pitch for more even edge wear